Medellín’s Innovation Economy.

March 20, 2019

Recently the Organización Rutanio team validated the existence of a vibrant and growing economy in the innovation ecosystem of the city of Medellin; They have based their estimates on studies conducted by Ruta N and  Fundación ECSIM to estimate public and private investment in Science, Technology and Innovation activities.

According to the studies, in 2018 Medellin invested more than $1.2 trillion in Science, Technology and Innovation (CT+i), equivalent to 2.14% of the city's GDP. Ruta N is the articulating institution of the CT+i plan.

It is clear that the community has worked hard for the past 15 years developing significant economic value.

Rutanio will only increase the ability of all participants within that economy to exchange that value with each other in a more efficient and scalable way, incorporating new global players and local citizens.

We have a thriving and carefully curated community on Ruta N that has driven the development of a healthy ecosystem of organizations, strategic partners and citizens from the city of Medellín.

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