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The innovation ecosystem.

Rutanio accelerates and connects local innovation ecosystems with the world.

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Expand internationally and accelerate the Ruta N innovation ecosystem in the city of Medellin. It provides the world with a simple, transparent and reliable way to access the resources and capabilities of the innovation ecosystem of Medellin and its region.

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Rutanio's Economy?

Rutanio is a proposed means of exchange and a complementary token for the innovation ecosystem articulated by Ruta N.
It is a digital asset native to the local innovation ecosystem.
This vibrant and growing economy already exists and has developed significant economic value.

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The token economy as an alternative to globalization: cities that already use their own currencies (Spanish)

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RUTA, the token of the Medellín technological innovation ecosystem (Spanish)

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Medellin's blockchain ecosystem
manages its own currency (Spanish)

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Colombia: Medellin's blockchain ecosystem manages its own token, called Rutanio (Spanish)

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They use, lead and invest in innovation.


and other partners of the innovation ecosystems driven by Ruta N.


Develop and participate in innovation.

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How does

Rutanio work?

The Rutanio Beta Net is an open software blockchain that, like the Internet, is public in nature and anyone who wants can participate.

The token and network are secured using cryptographic techniques, which provide top security and prevent counterfeit or duplication of token transactions, thus achieving its reliability and preventing it from being counterfeited or duplicated.

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The Rutanio Beta Net is a real laboratory that will allow:

Collect feedback from community members.

Increase knowledge and adoption of blockchain technology in the city.

Generate business opportunities.

Accelerate the development of the technological capabilities of ecosystem members.

Advance regulatory issues for distributed ledger technologies.

Democratize and internationalize the Ecosystem of Innovation Articulated by Ruta N.

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